Shout Out: Deer Lodge First Responders Save a Life

An emergency response in Deer Lodge last week not only saved a life but also showcased the skill and teamwork of the Powell EMS, Deer Lodge Police Department and Deer Lodge Medical Center.

Powell EMS was dispatched for a 64-year-old male passing out around 7 a.m. last Tuesday, according to EMS Director Rand Dickson. Deer Lodge police had already arrived on the scene to find a man in cardiac arrest. They began CPR and applied an AED (automated external defibrillator) to deliver a shock to the patient. The man regained a pulse and began breathing.

Powell EMS arrived at that point and was assessing the patient when he went into cardiac arrest for a second time. The medics defibrillated the man, and he again regained a pulse and respirations.

The patient was transported to the Deer Lodge Medical Center, where the emergency department provided expert care before the man was flown to Missoula.

Dickson emphasized that fantastic interagency teamwork – and the skill of all involved ensured the patient arrived safely and with a pulse at Missoula.

''This is just one of many examples where our police, EMS and hospital are working together to save lives,'' Dickson wrote.